What Services Does Chicago Tank Removal Provide?

What Services Does Chicago Tank Removal Provide?

Chicago Tank Removal, Inc. is a full-service company that provides a wide range of services to clients needing tank removal and disposal services. The company focuses on providing safe, efficient and cost-effective services in its efforts to remove and dispose of any type of underground fuel storage tank (UST).

Chicago Tank Removal is a licensed and fully-insured contractor, offering professional management and expertise in the tank removal services industry. Its experienced and knowledgeable staff identifies, evaluates and assesses all the hazards and safety concerns involved with the removal and disposal of tanks, as well as offering a variety of custom solutions for their clients. From the initial excavation and investigation to the monitoring of tanks during removal and disposal to the post-operation clean-up and close-out, Chicago Tank Removal handles every aspect of the job.

The company also specializes in proper hazardous material handling and disposal. It can provide detailed plans, including safety protocols and environmental compliance plans, to guarantee that all hazardous material is removed and disposed of in an environmentally safe and efficient manner.

Hazardous materials such as oils and solvents remain a concern and require properly regulated removal and disposal. Chicago Tank Removal is knowledgeable and experienced in the handling and disposing of these materials and ensuring compliance with state and federal hazardous material regulations.

Chicago Tank Removal also provides consulting services to businesses and homeowners for underground storage tank compliance and removal projects. This includes performing risk assessments, tank investigations, tank abandonment, tank testing and soil remediation.

Chicago Tank Removal offers a variety of services that give clients peace of mind throughout the removal process. From the initial investigation to the final soil sampling, the company's experienced staff ensures that all aspects of the removal process are handled professionally and safely. With its expertise in all aspects of under-ground storage tank removal and disposal, Chicago Tank Removal is the clear choice for any tank removal project.