ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park Chicago Service Areas

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park Chicago Service Areas

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park proudly serves the residents of Chicago, providing a full range of cleaning and restoration services that cover important aspects of property life. Their tagline “Where Quality Counts” captures the essence of their high-standards and commitment to delivering exceptional results they can be proud of!

As part of their services, they provide restoration services to combat and eliminate the negative side effects of water damage, smoke and fire and mold. In addition to these services, they also provide additional services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, odor removal, and antiques restoration.

As a Certified and licensed damage restoration contractor, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park is well-equipped and certified to take on the toughest challenges—water damage and fire & smoke damage. They are ready to tackle a wide range of catastrophes, such as home flooding, sewage back up, water pipe bursts, appliance malfunctions, and more. Their team of professionals have the expertise and tools to quickly assess the damage, formulate a plan of action and put it into motion, ensuring the quickest and best results for all clients.

The fire and smoke damage restoration services provided by ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park are critical and require specialized treatments, tools and knowledge. Fire damage leaves behind valuable items that need extra time and care in order to restore them to their original state and beauty. Modern equipment helps us salvage many belongings and materials, and their team of specialists has the training and experience to provide these complete restorations.

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park understands the importance of mold restoration and prevention. Mold can pose threats to both the health of occupants and the structural soundness of the building’s foundation. They offer complete solutions to remediate existing mold and provide additional preventative methods to ensure it won’t come back to cause further damage.

Lastly, they provide carpet and upholstery cleaning, odor removal and antiques restoration services. A clean and fresh home can be achieved by their hot water extraction and steam cleaning process. Moreover, they are proud to offer the additional service of deodorizing which eliminates any odors in carpets, rugs and furniture. Furniture and antiques require special attention and extra time when cleaning, and ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park has the methods to restore them to their original state of beauty.

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park stands by their commitment to deliver quality services and exceptional results. Their certified professionals can handle any task and their services cover the most important areas of property life. Property owners in the Chicago area should look no further for reliable, honest and trusted services.