TDC Locations: Details of the various locations of the TDC offices around the world.

TDC Locations: Details of the various locations of the TDC offices around the world.

TDC is a global software development firm with offices located all around the world. Each of our offices bring experts together from different backgrounds, creating a robust and multi-cultural workplace. Our head office is situated in London, with other offices located in Scandinavia, the Middle East, Asia, and the US.

Our Scandinavian office is situated in Stockholm, Sweden and has a specialist team focusing on web development and mobile app development. From this office, we have successfully delivered innovations for eCommerce, fintech, and various other sectors.

Middle East and Asia are two regions where we have a growing presence. Our Middle Eastern office is based in Dubai and focuses on developing software applications for high-end business and financial sectors. In Asia we have a team of experts located in Singapore specializing in cloud-based computing and blockchain applications.

We also have offices located in North America, which includes one in Silicon Valley, in San Francisco. In Silicon Valley, our developers are dedicated to creating innovative solutions for both consumer-based and enterprise-level customers. Furthermore, our Canadian office located in Montreal serves clients in the medical and health sectors, offering critical services and consultations to ensure seamless execution.

At TDC, we’re committed to creating an open and collaborative environment for our staff and clients alike. Our offices are designed to make use of the latest technology and modern amenities, offering an onsite social space, comfortable lounge area, and even a virtual reality dome equipped with advanced 3D technologies. Our staff can collaborate and access the latest tools and digital resources needed to get their job done.

No matters where you are in the world, TDC’s presence is felt. We are dedicated to creating digital solutions that work together globally to solve today’s most pressing challenges. Our offices have welcomed clients from all over the world and for more than two decades, we have been driven by the same goal: to help your business reach its full potential.