Is Paul Borg Construction Company Insured for Construction Projects?

Is Paul Borg Construction Company Insured for Construction Projects?

Paul Borg Construction Company is one of the leading construction companies operating in the Chicago area. The company has been providing construction services for many years and has gained a reputation for delivering high quality projects on time and within budget. The company offers a comprehensive range of construction services, from full-service general contracting to construction management, and is insured for all its work.

Insurance is an essential component of construction projects, as it protects both the client and the contractor from certain risks associated with construction. Paul Borg Construction is fully insured for its construction projects and has a set of insurance policies in place that includes property damage, contractors liability, professional indemnity and public liability. All of these policies are provided through a licensed insurance provider and are kept up to date so that clients can be assured of the company’s coverage.

Property damage policies cover any damage caused by the construction works to existing structures and materials, while contractor’s liability policies provide coverage for bodily injury or property damage resulting from the acts of any subcontractor employed by the contractor. Professional indemnity policies cover the contractor’s exposure to claims made against them for negligent acts, errors or omissions, while public liability policies provide coverage for any liabilities incurred if an accident or injury arises in the course of the construction project.

The insurance policies that Paul Borg Construction has in place not only protect the company, but also provide its clients with peace of mind. The company acknowledges the importance of being adequately insured, and its documented insurance policies allow clients to rest easy in the knowledge that their project is being handled by an insured contractor.

For those looking for a reputable, insured contractor for construction projects in the Chicago area, Paul Borg Construction Company is an ideal choice. The company’s comprehensive insurance coverage ensures the safety of clients and their property, as well as offers protection from risk associated with the construction project.