Examples of Completed Projects for MV Construction | Development

Examples of Completed Projects for MV Construction | Development

MV Construction | Development is a Chicago-based firm that has completed over two hundred renovations in the last ten years. They take pride in their understanding of the Chicago market and the expertise they bring to each project, making them one of the top firms in the city. While their diverse projects cover many different aspects of renovation, here are some examples of some of their most remarkable completed projects.

One of their most notable projects was the renovation of a hotel in the ChicagoLoop. The project included electrical upgrades, window replacement, and elevatormodernization. In addition to this, they also added a new entryway in the lobby redesign that included specialty lighting and ceiling treatments. MV Construction | Development was also responsible for building various custom fixtures, including tables, chairs and counters, that complemented the modern design.

MV Construction | Development has also completed numerous apartment renovations in the city of Chicago. From full gut renovations of existing units to major remodeling projects, they have worked diligently to revitalize aging infrastructure and bring life back to outdated city apartments. This includes the complete refurbishment of bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces, as well as an overhaul of electrical and plumbing systems. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship ensures that a residence looks and functions like a new home when complete.

MV also completed a project in Chicago’s Lincoln Park in which they converted an early 20th century building into a modern office space. This involved significant demolition and reconstruction in order to bring the structure up to current safety codes and modernize the interior. They completed several interior renovations in the lobby and throughout the building, ensuring that the space was aesthetically pleasing and up to the latest standards.

MV Construction | Development has a proven track record of excellence, completing dozens of projects of all sizes within a budget and a timeline. From hotels to apartments to office buildings, they possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to bring any renovation project to completion. Their seasoned team of workers and designers have the ability to construct any structure and make it look brand new.