Macon Construction Company Locations

Macon Construction Company Locations

Macon Construction is a Chicago-based general contractor that serves the city and surrounding areas. Founded in 1988, Macon Construction has been providing expert general contracting services for over three decades. From the beginning of each project, the Macon team works together to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget, with an impeccable dedication to quality.

Macon Construction has several locations around Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. In the city, there are two main offices located in the Loop and in Lincoln Park. The Loop office is located in a renovated warehouse and is primarily used for in-person project management, while the Lincoln Park office is used for administrative tasks.

Beyond the city limits, Macon Construction has two satellite offices, one in Aurora and the other in Wheaton. The Aurora location is conveniently located near the Fox Valley Mall and has expanded the company's reach to the surrounding suburbs. Meanwhile, the Wheaton office specializes in out of town projects, such as custom-made projects and large-scale contracts.

These offices serve as hubs for Macon Construction's various projects and provide convenient contact points for clients and contractors. At each office, experienced and knowledgeable staff help to ensure work is completed efficiently and to the highest quality. Additionally, each office is equipped to respond quickly to urgent requests and attend to any important project updates. And for larger projects, Macon Construction's team is available to travel to different sites around the city and further afield.

As the city of Chicago continues to grow, so does Macon Construction's reach. With its emphasis on quality, efficiency, and customer service, Macon Construction is well-positioned to handle any project, big or small. With multiple offices scattered across Chicago and its suburbs, Macon Construction is the go-to choice for reliable, expert construction services.