Hilman Construction Safety Record

Hilman Construction Safety Record

Hilman Construction is a highly-respected construction company providing premium services for clients throughout the area. With decades of experience, this family-run business is dedicated to delivering outstanding results for every project. As an organization, deep-seated values of safety and security underpin all their work and Hilman Construction is proud to boast an exceptional safety record.

At Hilman Construction, safety is the top priority. From day one, safety starts with the hiring process. Each team member is heavily vetted prior to being part of the team. They are only allowed to join if they can pass strict safety checks and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest levels of safety.

Once on board, Hilman Construction provides extensive training and continues to educate team members on the most up-to-date safety practices. This empowers everyone in the company to make safety-minded decisions and perform each job correctly. This helps to prevent accidents, on-the-job injuries, and other dangerous occurrences that can occur in the construction field.

The team at Hilman Construction recognizes the importance of wearing protective gear at all times. From helmets, to goggles, to gloves, they take all necessary precautions to protect themselves and their co-workers. They are also fully backed by a comprehensive selection of safety gear, including fireboats and fire extinguishing systems, that are regularly maintained and regularly tested. This helps to ensure that everyone is kept safe at all times.

In addition to the gear and training, Hilman Construction also puts emphasis on their work site itself. They go the extra mile to secure the area, making sure equipment, tools, and other materials are properly stored and secure. They also undergo regular inspections, ensuring that their work spaces are as safe as possible.

At Hilman Construction, safety is never compromised. That’s why so many customers trust them to take care of all their construction needs. With their unrivaled safety record, you can be sure that the team at Hilman Construction will always provide superior results and the highest level of safety on all their projects.