Hilman Construction Guarantees & Warranties

Hilman Construction Guarantees & Warranties

Hilman Construction is an experienced construction contractor that is known for providing customers with peace of mind through the guarantees and warranties they offer. All of their services are backed by an assortment of warranties, guarantees, and other assurances that the final product will meet or exceed all expectations.

To start, Hilman Construction provides new home buyers with a 3-year structural warranty. This warranty covers most major structural components and interior systems, so customers can have confidence that they are getting a safe and secure home. Hilman Construction also offers a total protection plan that is designed to cover any potential damage due to fire, theft, and other unforeseen events.

In addition, Hilman Construction customers benefit from the peace of mind that comes from having a sound financial guarantee. First, the company provides a 25-year limited warranty on all materials and workmanship. This ensures that customers won't have to worry about any potential repair or replacement costs due to defective workmanship or materials for two and a half decades. Second, Hilman Construction provides flexible financing options to make sure all customers have the options to make their project a reality.

Furthermore, Hilman Construction is dedicated to customer satisfaction. As such, they offer a satisfaction guarantee that provides customers with the opportunity to not just plan, but also to look at, the products they will be receiving before they pay in full. If, for any reason, the customer is unhappy with the final product, Hilman Construction will work with them to ensure the project is completed to their satisfaction, or the money is refunded.

When it comes to guarantees and warranties, Hilman Construction has exactly what customers need to feel secure and assured with their construction projects. They offer a wide variety of options, from structural warranties to financial guarantees, that cover their services from start to finish. All of these guarantees and warranties also come with customer satisfaction assurances so that customers can always have peace of mind when they choose Hilman Construction.