Burnham Nationwide's Process & Timeline

Burnham Nationwide's Process & Timeline

Burnham Nationwide is the leader in building permit expediting and code compliance consulting for property owners, architects, developers and contractors. As the only national firm to provide both services under one roof, the experienced professionals at Burnham Nationwide can assist with all steps of a project's life-cycle, from due diligence to post-occupancy.

The Burnham Nationwide process begins with a thorough review of the code requirements, permits, and zoning regulations in the specific area. With many years of experience in the industry, we can usually identify and resolve potential issues quickly, offering cost savings, shortest possible timeline and successfulcompliance with local regulations.

Once the initial review is complete, the next step is to match the project to the relevant codes and standards, and to check all the paperwork is completed and accepted by the local authorities. We are also proficient at helping clients understand and apply the complex rulesinforminglocal building and safety regulations.

Once the paperwork is submitted, the permitting process typically takes on average anywhere between one to four weeks, depending on the amount of work a permit requires, the scope of the project, as well as local regulations that can add an additional level of complexity.

Burnham Nationwide professionals have a vast amount of experience in reducing the time associated with each permit, as well as taking an expedited approach to the permitting process when needed.

Our process includes monitoring the submission process, obtaining community and stakeholder support, and providing follow-up during the construction process to help ensure successful completion and adherence to building standards and specifications.

For the most complex projects, Burnham Nationwide’s process includes the application of advanced technology, such as 3D models and interactive diagrams, to fully identify and understand the issues at hand.

With Burnham Nationwide’s success rate, we can stand behind our proven record of sustainability, timeliness, and successful outcomes. With our trademarked “Permit as Fast as Possible” proprietary process, we help ensure that the permitting process is completed on time and on budget. We value our reputation, and always strive to deliver excellent results to our clients.