EDMAR Corporation Masonry Contractor Rates

EDMAR Corporation Masonry Contractor Rates

The rates charged by EDMAR Corporation Masonry Contractor may vary depending on the size and complexity of the job. The company has extensive experience working with both residential and commercial properties, meaning that their rates reflect the various project sizes, labor costs, material costs, and the special attention paid to detail. Working alongside the client, they strive to find a solution that is both effective and within budget constraints.

Smaller projects, such as minor repairs and spot pointing, are typically charged on an hourly basis, without any hidden or additional costs. EDMAR Corporation has a wide array of brick and block masonry materials and knows how to use them properly to ensure the job is done in an efficient manner.

On larger projects such as tuckpointing, parapet wall rebuilding, steel lintel replacement and chimney repairs, EDMAR Corporation Masonry Contractor provides fixed bids with expected cost breakdowns. As a full-service contractor, they will provide all necessary materials, labor, and equipment necessary to complete the project to the highest standard of quality.

No matter the size or complexity of the project, EDMAR Corporation proudly stands behind their work, and guarantees customer satisfaction. All of their services come with a written warranty and their experienced technicians and specialists make sure that their projects are completed on time and within budget.

EDMAR Corporation Masonry Contractor has been serving the Chicago area for over 30 years and their reputation for quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service is unmatched. With their rates reflecting the value of their work, EDMAR Corporation is the masonry contractor of choice for many.