What Services Does CENTAUR CONSTRUCTION Provide?

What Services Does CENTAUR CONSTRUCTION Provide?

Centaur Construction is a construction company in Chicago, Illinois, renowned for its outstanding results with projects in specialty new construction, historic renovation, hotels, retail, and residential construction. As a full-service contractor, the company offers a wide range of services, including Pre-Construction planning, Design/Build contracting, Construction Management, General Contracting, Project Recovery Services, Real Estate Development & Asset Management, and Speed Construction.

The Pre-Construction services offered by Centaur Construction include programming, budgeting, site analysis, renderings, and cost estimating. These are all essential services prior to any construction project taking place, as they allow Centaur Construction to identify the materials and labor needed, while also creating an accurate estimate of the project cost.

Centaur Construction also offers Design/Build contracting, which involves the design and construction of a project being done by the same organization. This reduces cost and time as there is no need to contract another organization as a sole designer. Additionally, a Design/Build project gives the client more control over the design decisions for their project, as the design and construction team are working together.

When it comes to construction management services, Centaur Construction will coordinate, direct, and manage the entire process from start to finish. This includes controlling the budgets, scheduling, supply chain management, and contractor coordination. The company has years of experience in managing construction projects to successful completion.

Centaur Construction's General Contracting services include procurement and installation of materials, systems, and finishes. They also coordinate sub-contractors, provide the necessary tools, and carry out the job on schedule and within the budget.

Project Recovery Services are also provided, which includes utilizing technical expertise to analyze problems, provide solutions, and ultimately bring the project to a successful conclusion. This specialized service helps clients get back on track when their projects become unmanageable due to budgetary issues, labor relations, legal problems, and more.

Real Estate Development & Asset Management services provided by Centaur Construction include real estate market analysis, negotiations, financial modeling, leasing, and asset management. This service is especially beneficial for businesses seeking to maximize the value of their investment in the property.

Finally, the Speed Construction services provided by Centaur Construction include fast-track pre-construction, accelerated construction, and lean construction. This type of construction can significantly reduce construction time and costs while still delivering superior results.

From specialty new construction to historic renovation, as well as hotels, retail, and residential applications, Centaur Construction is well-equipped to handle any construction project. With a wide range of services and a dedication to providing exceptional results, the company is recognized as one of the leading construction companies in the greater Chicago area.