What Other Construction Services Does CENTAUR CONSTRUCTION Offer?

What Other Construction Services Does CENTAUR CONSTRUCTION Offer?

Centaur Construction has established itself as a leader in the construction industry. It offers a wide range of services to both commercial and residential clients. These services include Pre-Construction Services, Construction Consulting, Owner’s Representation, Design-Build Contracting, Construction Management, General Contracting, Project Recovery Services, Real Estate Development and Asset Management, Speed Construction, and Hospitality and Retail Construction.

Pre-Construction Services include value engineering, constructability reviews, and project budgets and schedules. These services help ensure a successful project from the outset by identifying any potential issues early on. Construction Consulting includes construction risk management, cost estimating, and project close-out consulting that help make sure the project is running efficiently and successfully. Owner’s Representation consists of acting as a liaison between the owner, contractor, designer, and all other members of the project’s team. This service helps make sure everyone on the project is aware of their responsibilities, so the project runs smoothly.

Design-build contracting is a service that allows Centaur Construction to combine the design and construction phases of a project into one contract. This eliminates the need to find separate contractors for each phase, making the process much easier. Construction Management includes directing and controlling the production of the project and ensuring it meets all of the owner’s expectations. General Contracting includes planning and direction of the entire construction process, while Project Recovery Services includes helping owners reformulate projects after they have encountered mismanagement or are behind schedule or over budget.

Real Estate Development and asset management consist of helping manage a project’s entire life cycle from concept to completion. Speed Construction services help clients get their projects done on-time and on-budget. Finally, Hospitality and Retail Construction helps companies achieve their design and build goals by leveraging industry experience.

These are just a handful of the top-notch services that Centaur Construction has to offer. Each service is designed to increase the chances of a successful project for its clients. With comprehensive and experienced services, Centaur Construction is the ideal partner for any and all construction needs.