How Does CENTAUR CONSTRUCTION Manage Projects?

How Does CENTAUR CONSTRUCTION Manage Projects?

CENTAUR CONSTRUCTION is a leading construction company in the Chicago area that prides itself on delivering the best results thanks to its exceptional projects that come in the form of Specialty New Construction, Historic Renovation, Hotels, Retail, and Residential Construction. This company proves itself as an industry leader with how it effectively manages every project using an extensive range of services that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Centaur Construction starts off each project by providing pre-construction consulting services, which helps clients in formulating a plan and setting a vision that works with their end goal. In addition to consultation and planning, the company will then review their clients’ real estate portfolio and provide design and construction solutions that are both cost effective and feasible. These solutions and services will guarantee that their clients receive the best possible results for their projects.

The next step of Centaur Construction's project management approach begins with owner's representation services. These services ensure that all of the project's stakeholders have a unified vision and goals, which will help the project stay on budget and on time. The company puts its clients needs first and ensures that the project's vision goes from start to finish without any complications.

Once the project is up and running, Centaur Construction has a host of different construction solutions that their clients can take advantage of. These solutions include design-build contracting and construction management, which allow their clients to interact with their projects in both the physical and virtual workplace. Their design-build contracting solutions are especially helpful as they allow their clients to collaborate with some of Chicago's most cutting-edge designers and engineers.

For any project that is in danger of going off track, Centaur Construction has a team of experts to help bring it back on track with their project recovery services. The team is highly experienced in dealing with cost estimations, scheduling solutions, and cost recovery plans so that the project can reach its deadline successfully.

Overall, Centaur Construction strives to deliver the best results to their clients through their comprehensive range of services. With their pre-construction services, owner’s representation, and construction management solutions, Centaur Construction is able to manage any project effectively and efficiently, regardless of its size or scope. This combination of services allow their clients to reach their goals, no matter the project.