Centaur Construction is a leading construction company in Chicago, Illinois that provides extraordinary results in Specialty New Construction, Historic Renovation, Hotels, Retail, and Residential Construction. If you need construction services for your project, you can contact Centaur Construction to consult and work with their expert construction professionals.

The best way for you to contact Centaur Construction is via their website, Through the website, you have the option to fill out a contact form or email Centaur directly. The website also contains more information about their services and work portfolio to help you decide if Centaur is the perfect fit for your construction needs. Alternatively, you may use their main phone number (312) 243-7400 to call in and find out more information.

Centaur Construction also offers consultations to discuss your project. They will listen to your needs, discuss your requirements, and create a proposal that is tailored to your project. If you or your organization would like to explore what Centaur has to offer, you may book a free consultation on their website.

Centaur Construction is committed to providing impeccable service and handling each tour project in a very attentive manner. From their experienced professionals to their up-to-date building materials, they are guaranteed to give you quality results every time. For inquiries, you may also opt to visit their office directly as it is always open for business.

Contact Centaur Construction for inquiries and consultations today to get the best results for your construction needs. Their team of experts can help you from start to finish, with everything from pre-consultation to post-construction. Look no further than Centaur Construction for quality construction delivered.