Construction Quality Control with Eighty-Eight Design + Construction Inc.

Construction Quality Control with Eighty-Eight Design + Construction Inc.

Eighty-Eight Design + Construction Inc. is a design-driven general contractor that provides top-tier construction quality control and services. They are dedicated to delivering custom additions, renovations, and new home construction projects to meet and exceed client's expectations. They offer a professional, experienced, and quality-focused approach to each job they perform, aiming to produce wonderful results while also keeping their clients' budgets in mind.

Located in the greater Toronto area, Eighty-Eight Design + Construction Inc. has a curated network of artisans, architects, and designers ready to bring clients’ visions to life. The company also adheres to the highest quality standards when it comes to construction safety, building codes, and environmental regulations when taking on a project.

The team at Eighty-Eight Design + Construction Inc. prides themselves on delivering superior construction quality control, conduct preventative reviews, address any construction deficiencies, and ensure their projects are built to the highest standards. The team employs various strategies such as making sure the project has been approved by a regulatory agency, ensuring that construction materials are inspected and of sound quality, and verifying installation methods and materials meet industry standards.

The highly-skilled team of contractors at Eighty-Eight Design + Construction Inc. is continually monitoring and inspecting the project they are working on to identify hazardous conditions and prevent any drastic complications in the future. The company also makes sure to create an effective communication plan to ensure the project remains on track and is progressing as expected.

Eighty-Eight Design + Construction Inc. takes construction quality control very seriously with their innovative approach to their work and the resources they use. Quality control is key to delivering top-notch results and the team at Eighty-Eight Design + Construction Inc. is committed to making sure that every project meets their clients’ high expectations. Their commitment to quality and providing the highest level of service on each project is unmatched and has become the company’s hallmark.