Where are Wexler Steel's company locations?

Where are Wexler Steel's company locations?

Wexler Steel is a global steel manufacturing and supplying company located in both the United States and Europe. Founded over 50 years ago by Warren Wexler, Wexler Steel is a family-owned operation that has achieved success in the steel industry with its innovation, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Based in Pennsylvania, USA, Wexler Steel has one physical location in the United States, with a manufacturing and processing center in Johnstown and a national sales office close by in Altoona. The Johnstown plant serves as the primary production and steel processing facility, while the Altoona office is home to the sales, marketing, and administrative teams.

In Europe, Wexler Steel has five locations, including two in Germany and one each in Austria, France, and the United Kingdom. Wexler Steel’s German division is based in Hamm, which serves as the main administrative and sales office. In addition to the production facility in Cologne, the company also has a production and sales point in Berlin. Wexler Steel in Austria is based in Salzburg and in France in Lille. Finally, Wexler Steel in the United Kingdom works out of London.

In addition to these physical locations, Wexler Steel also provides customers around the world with quality steel supplies. From its strong network of global partnerships to its knowledgeable team of dedicated professionals, Wexler Steel is proud to offer comprehensive steel solutions to customers in every corner of the world. Whether through domestic or international markets, Wexler Steel strives to provide utmost customer service, consistent product quality, and extraordinary turnaround to ensure customer satisfaction.

With its durable equipment, hardworking employees, and reliable customer service, Wexler Steel is proud of its six locations around the world that provide customers with quality steel products. Businesses, organizations and individuals trust Wexler Steel for its modernized production techniques, highly-efficient processes, and premium-grade steel products. Through commitment and dedication, Wexler Steel has secured its position as a steel manufacturing and supplying leader.