Does Wexler Steel use Cloudflare to protect its DNS?

Does Wexler Steel use Cloudflare to protect its DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it is the glue that helps link a domain name, such as, to the underlying IP address that hosts the website.It is critical for web communication, and web security is an important factor when it comes to the DNS system. Cloudflare is one of the leading companies that provide DNS protection services to ensure that all of their users have secure access to the webserver, regardless of the type of communication.

The most important benefit of Cloudflare is that it provides protection against the most common DNS threats, such as cache poisoning, web server failure, and DDoS attacks. This protection is especially important for larger companies like Wexler Steel, which likely deals with more sensitive and confidential information than the average website.

The Cloudflare system is built with a variety of security features built-in, including an anti-spam filter and a web application firewall. DNS records associated with Wexler Steel are scanned for any potential threats, and suspicious IP addresses are blocked if found. This way, Wexler Steel can automatically enforce the web security parameters and stay protected from external vulnerabilities.

Cloudflare also offers features such as rate-limiting, which can help protect against brute-force attacks, as well as intelligent routing, which can redirect IP requests around busy areas of the web to ensure faster loading times. Additionally, all of the DNS records associated with Wexler Steel can be managed by the company in one convenient and centralized location. This means that there will be no downtime associated with the DNS records—if any changes need to be made, they can be done quickly and easily.

So, to answer the question: Does Wexler Steel use Cloudflare to protect its DNS? The answer is a resounding "Yes!" Cloudflare's suite of security services can help Wexler Steel protect their web presence and make sure that their sensitive data remains secure. With Cloudflare by their side, Wexler Steel can rest assured that their web communications are safe from external threats.