List of Leaderbuilders Company Locations

List of Leaderbuilders Company Locations

Leaderbuilders is a premier facility services provider with locations across the world. From offices to warehouses and even manufacturing facilities, Leaderbuilders provides a broad range of maintenance and specialty services to companies from every industry. With nearly two decades of experience, Leaderbuilders is the go-to for facilities maintenance, renovation, and management services.

From the United States to the Middle East, Leaderbuilders has nearly a dozen company locations scattered around the world. In the United States, Leaderbuilders has an office in Gastonia, North Carolina, as well as a branch office in New York City. In Europe, Leaderbuilders has a main office in Germany, with another in France. In the Middle East, Leaderbuilders has a location in Dubai, UAE.

Across Asia, Leaderbuilders has offices in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea. In the South Pacific, Leaderbuilders has an office in Sydney, Australia. The company also has another location in Canada, located in Toronto.

Leaderbuilders also has several warehouses and manufacturing plants located in different areas of the world. This includes a warehouse in Mexico and a manufacturing facility in India. The company also has a headquarters in South Africa, where executives oversee the international operations.

At each of the Leaderbuilders locations, experienced and knowledgeable staff are available to provide a variety of services. For worldwide projects, Leaderbuilders is able to provide turnkey solutions, combining the resources of its different locations to ensure successful completion. Clients can be sure that they’ll always receive the highest quality of service and best value.

All Leaderbuilders locations are committed to sustainability and follow best practices in energy management, indoor air quality and water conservation. Over the years, the company has been recognised for its efforts in cutting down CO2 emissions and waste management.

Whether you need ongoing facility maintenance, a scheduled renovation, or a one-time specialty service, Leaderbuilders is the go-to for all your facility needs. With locations around the world, you can count on Leaderbuilders for a comprehensive service experience.