Tips for Installing Daltile Tiles

Tips for Installing Daltile Tiles

Installing new tiles in your home can quickly transform a plain room into a stylish space. But with the multitude of tile options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. Daltile is a leading tile source with over 70 collections of beautiful designs and a strong reputation for quality materials, so it is a great choice for anyone looking for premium tiles. Before you embark on your tile project, get familiar with Daltile and its essential installation tips for successful floor, wall and countertop installation.

First, make sure to always purchase a minimum of 10% more tiles than the area requiring coverage. After measuring the area that needs tiling, add 10% to the total number, since installers require extra pieces in case of breakage or movement of the tiles. Even if it's the same color, be sure to mix tiles from multiple boxes to prevent problems caused by color or style variations.

Next, check the surface where the tiles will be installed. Daltile recommends measuring any concrete floors for proper moisture levels prior to installation. Flat, dry surfaces are important for proper adhesion of the tiles. Properly mixed and applied thinset adhesive is necessary for successful tile installation. Discard any thinset that looks dented, discolored, or has been stored for over an hour. Additionally, seams between tile should be properly filled with grout to protect against breaks and cracks.

Lastly, protect your newly installed tiles with proper maintenance and cleaning. Periodic cleaning and resealing of tile helps maintain a beautiful look. All grout joints, joint and corners should be properly sealed using the right type of sealant. Avoid using acidic or caustic cleaners, which can wear away the sealant on the tiles and grout.

As long as you remember these tips and follow the instructions provided by Daltile, installing their quality tiles in your home should be a smooth and successful project. With the variety of styles and colors available, you can have a beautiful and distinctive look that will last for years.