What Type of Equipment Does Chicago Sandblasting Use?

What Type of Equipment Does Chicago Sandblasting Use?

Chicago Sandblasting, a premier sandblasting contractor based in Chicago, Illinois, uses a wide range of advanced equipment to provide industrial, commercial, and residential sandblasting services. The company uses advanced air compressors, blast material systems, dust collectors, and spray guns to ensure that large scale projects and small-scale tasks are completed quickly and effectively.

The air compressor systems used by Chicago Sandblasting are designed to deliver clean air with consistent pressure levels and volumes. This is important during sandblasting because the compressed air serves as the power source that propels the blast media against the surface of an object, ensuring more effective and efficient results.

The blast material systems used by Chicago Sandblasting are designed to be safe and efficient. The systems use systems equipped with abrasive metering valves, providing operators with easy access to adjust the necessary abrasives based on the particular surface that’s being blasted. The blast material systems also incorporate safety features that prevent operators from overexposing the object to the abrasives or blasting too close to the surface of an object.

Dust collectors used in sandblasting are also a key component of Chicago Sandblasting’s operations. The dust collector serves to catch the spent abrasive media and any dust particles that are created during the sandblasting process. This helps to maintain a clean and safe working environment, as well as to protect nearby bystanders from the dust that is produced during the sandblasting process.

Finally, spray guns are used by Chicago Sandblasting to apply a special abrasive material to surfaces. The spray guns are designed to provide operators with the ability to accurately apply the abrasive material to a surface while also having the ability to provide precise and consistent levels of blasting pressure. This helps Chicago Sandblasting to offer a fast, consistent, and effective sandblasting service.

Chicago Sandblasting is committed to providing quality results, and the company regularly invests in the latest technology to ensure that its services stay ahead of the curve. The company’s use of specialized equipment helps to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently. As such, Chicago Sandblasting is able to provide a comprehensive sandblasting service that is tailored to each client’s needs.