Where Are JLArch's Locations?

Where Are JLArch's Locations?

JLArch is a full service architectural firm offering a wide range of services for clients in both the private and public sectors. The firm’s core services span from design, engineering and planning to construction administration, land use planning and project management. With offices throughout Canada and the United States, JLArch is proud to bring their clients the best possible solution to their specific needs.

The company’s headquarters are located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, while they also have offices throughout British Columbia, in Hamilton and Toronto, ON, as well as throughout multiple locations in the United States. JLArch opened a US office shortly after the American Great Recession in 2008, and now has offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas, San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington.

The company’s strategic placement of offices has enabled them to effectively serve clients from cities both small and large. This coverage provides an important presence in the forefront of new and upcoming technology, allowing them to respond quickly to their clients’ demands. The goal is to make sure that each and every one of their projects receive the leading-edge service needed for a highly successful end result.

JLArch views their presence across Canada and the United States as an asset. It helps them bring a caliber of excellence to their projects, which have ranged from traditional residential projects to large scale urban projects. Their branches in different parts of the country provide them with access to a constant stream of fresh talent, new ideas, and the ability to stay on top of the latest trends in the world of architecture. All of this ensures that each project results in the highest standard of quality.

Serving both the private and public sectors, JLArch understands the importance of designing and building within their clients’ specified timeframes and limitations. They provide services ranging from the initial designing stage to the later stages of construction, allowing them the opportunity to look at the project from the very beginning.

JLArch is a trusted firm located across Canada and the United States. With their deep knowledge base and unparalleled service, they aim to provide a level of expertise to their clients that will maximize their particular needs and ensure their satisfaction. Whether a project is large or small, in the urban or remote areas of Canada and the US, they strive to make sure they are a partner in every project’s success.