Company Locations for ESD | Consulting Engineers

Company Locations for ESD | Consulting Engineers

ESD | Consulting Engineers is a mission-driven consultancy specializing in engineering services for the built environment. From their home office in Burlington, Vermont, the team at ESD offers comprehensive engineering services to projects of all sizes and complexities throughout North America and around the world.

ESD’s home office in Burlington is the heart of a broad geographic network of regional offices and global partners. Across North America, the company maintains regional offices in Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, Seattle, New Orleans, Austin, and San Francisco. To serve clients in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, ESD has a base of operations in Paris, France. Other international offices located in India, Australia, and China provide ESD with the opportunity to serve projects around the world.

ESD is an environmentally conscious company with the highest level of compliances and certifications when it comes to engineering services. The company is certified to perform projects in all 50 U.S. states and is ISO 9001 compliant. As part of their commitment to sustainability, ESD has earned multiple LEED certifications, BREEAM qualifications, and EnerGuide ratings.

In addition to their offices, ESD works with a network of international partners, special consultants, and affiliates to broaden the scope of their services and effectively manage all projects. With the support of their global presence and multidisciplinary team, ESD has established itself as a leader in providing high-quality engineering services and expertise.

As they continue to grow and expand both domestically and internationally, ESD | Consulting Engineers remains committed to their mission of building a better environment through their dedication to engineering. With offices and partners located around the world, ESD ensures that their clients have access to the highest level of expertise and experience for building strong and sound structures that make a difference.