Locations of Chicago Iron Works’ Business Locations

Locations of Chicago Iron Works’ Business Locations

Chicago Iron Works is a leading source for ornamental and unique iron work in the greater Chicago area. With installations ranging from fences and railings to stairways and balconies, Chicago Iron Works has developed a reputation for professionalism and craftsmanship that can be seen all over the city. The company has quickly grown over the years and now has several locations around Chicago in order to offer the same excellent service to customers from all parts of the city.

The flagship location of Chicago Iron Works is located in the West Loop neighborhood of the city. This main office offers the full range of services that the company offers, from initial consultations to in-person previews of recent projects. This is also where clients can find a wide selection of design options for creating the perfect gate or railing. In addition, this location offers an array of ornamental metalwork that is available for purchase.

For customers in the south side of Chicago, the Englewood location is ideal. Here, customers can get expert advice and guidance on all of their iron work needs as well as installation and repair services. This location also carries a full selection of designs and metalwork, allowing customers to find exactly what they need to complete their project.

For those located more on the north side of the city, the Rogers Park location is the perfect spot. This office offers the complete range of design and installation services, including iron gates, railings, and stairways, as well as fire escapes and balconies. Customers can also find an array of metalwork available for purchase, perfect for finding the perfect look for their project.

Chicago Iron Works is also proud to serve the residents of the far South Side and of the western suburbs. Customers in this region of the city have a dedicated office in the Morgan Park neighborhood. This location offers expert advice and craftsmanship as well as a wide range of services and products, from consultation to installation. With its convenient location, this office is the perfect spot for customers looking for unique and impressive iron work.

For over a decade, Chicago Iron Works has worked to bring the beauty of ornamental iron work to the city of Chicago. With several dedicated offices around the city, the company is able to offer its services to all parts of the city and its suburbs, allowing for the creation of beautiful designs that add the perfect finishing touch to any project.