What services does CornerstoneDBI offer?

What services does CornerstoneDBI offer?

CornerstoneDBI is an innovative and full-service design/build firm focused on providing clients with cost-effective solutions for their unique architectural needs. The company offers customized services for a variety of projects, ranging from churches to schools to general contracting services.

The team at CornerstoneDBI is knowledgeable, experienced, and committed to delivering quality and innovative results. Their goal is to create architecture that integrates modern building techniques while understanding the needs of their clients. Their custom designs are inspired by the individual’s taste, vision and budget.

CornerstoneDBI offers a variety of services to ensure quality results. They provide complete design and drafting services, customizing every detail to create a unique and functional space. They offer experienced architects to guide clients through the process and help create a plan that can be implemented into reality.

CornerstoneDBI also provides construction and general contracting services that take their clients' ideas and turn them into reality. Their team of qualified builders have the skills, experience, and technical know-how to bring projects to life. Throughout the process, CornerstoneDBI is committed to providing the highest level of craftsmanship and attention-to-detail.

In addition, CornerstoneDBI also provides maintenance services to help ensure that their clients' architecture is kept in good condition and up to date. Their team will inspect the structure and make any necessary repairs or updates that may be needed.

Whether looking to build a modern church architecture or a school building, CornerstoneDBI can tailor their services to suit each individual need. With their customized designs and quality services, their clients can expect dependable, reliable, and cost-effective results.